I'm one of those "last to know" people when it comes to taking supplements. I have a horrible gag reflex and aversion to pills, so when one of my friends who has been looking exceptionally well lately told me about the supplements she was on, I had to investigate. In my investigations, I found that the resveratrol she was taking was available for cats. My oldest child, a cat named Cinders has been suffering from diabetes and overall declining health (he's 15). I've tried everything with him including following the vet's recommendations of insulin and a high protein diet, but have found his health wasn't really improving. He just looked poor. Rather than spend the money to buy myself the supplement (talk about a parent's love for their child!) I bought it for Cinders. Within just a few days the goobers in Cinders' eyes are gone, he's got more energy and he doesn't have that 'old cat smell' that I had come to accept as a part of him.

Basically it's like HGH in that it has anti-inflammatory and overall anti-aging properties. There's been those studies of how a calorie restricted diet can cause a person to lead a longer, healthier life...but I don't think Cinders would be on board with that, and now he doesn't have to, as the Resvantage has been shown to have the same effect. And I no longer smell him coming!

Chicago, IL

I have been using Resvantage for Felines on my 3 senior cats and I don't know how you did it, but you somehow squeezed a true blue miracle into a tiny capsule.

Subjectively, they are absolutely doing better than when I was not giving it to them. They are more alert, kittenish [at ages 19, and 14 & 14] that is no small feat. Clinically, they have, without question dramatically improved on their blood chem panel. That is the true indicator of the effectiveness of Resvantage.

Thank you again for the most marvelous product.

Barbara D
Weston, CT


I have been using it long term for 10 years [give or take] on 3 different cats who are currently aged 20, 15 and 15 years old. In fact, I have CONCLUSIVE evidence that Resvantage has indeed, improved the lives of my cats; 1 clinical and 2 observational. Clinical: When my 20 year old cat was 16 he needed aggressive dental work, a full blood panel was done [I see ONLY the top vets in the CT, NYC and MA area as I go to the top specialists when my cats require help. I am used to state of the art treatment]. His results were all right below the mid-zone for danger on values for kidneys etc. Fast forward 2 years. My now 18 year old cat gets the full blood panel again prior to more dental surgery and the vet called my house. She wanted to run the tests again as his tests indicated by a LAB that he was smack in the middle of NORMAL. Here he was, 2 years older at age 18 and his blood work was that of a 10 year old, improving over his blood work at age 16. I only added Resvantage to his diet, Period. He is over 20 now and still climbs like a billy goat. My 2 15 year olds each have terrible conditions since age 5, [cardio conditions, chronic upper resp infection, severe allergies, KIDNEY problems] yet the Resvantage has them happy as clams. As for those people who complain about giving a capsule to their cats; learn how to do it. Stop with the moaning, learn. I have taught more people than I can count.


Barbara D
Weston, CT


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